WAGO: HVAC and Energy Management

News 20/06/2017

WAGO: HVAC and Energy Management


(Detail information in http://global.wago.com/en/solutions/building-automation/building-automation/hvac/overview/index.jsp)

Save energy in building automation through HVAC components: Join the many other planners and system integrators who rely on proven HVAC technology from WAGO. Use our solutions to reduce your programming effort and expense, accelerate commissioning, thanks to versatile macros, and effectively lower your operating costs. Find out more here about the WAGO HVAC solution to fit your needs!

Energy Management

(Detail information in http://global.wago.com/en/solutions/building-automation/building-automation/energy-management/index.jsp)

Energy-efficient buildings are steadily gaining in popularity: Use solutions from WAGO to implement your building projects and achieve energy efficiency category A.

Use of intelligent automation technology is essential for energy-efficient buildings and, thus, for cost-effective and sustainable building operations. A basic requirement for this is optimal interaction between building automation and systems technology: While HVAC systems efficiently provide resources such as heat, cooling or fresh air, automation technology regulates the resources that are provided as a function of use and consumption. As logging and invoicing of energy consumption is required in accordance with the EC directive for end-use efficiency and energy services, a continuous cycle of monitoring, controlling and optimization is indispensable to achieve an optimal energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Category A: Reduction of Electrical and Thermal Energy by up to 40%

Using tailor-made solutions from WAGO you can implement highly efficient, coordinated building automation and integrated building management – enabling you to create the conditions required for certification of your building for energy efficiency category A. We not only offer you a wide range of technologies for documenting energy use, but also for visualization of your energy data. Take advantage of our comprehensive energy management portfolio to sustainably optimize your life-cycle costs and the energy consumption of your building.


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